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Friday, November 27, 2009

iSkin Solo FX Review

iSkin Solo FX Review


iSkin Solo FX Review

Finding an iPhone case that’s attractive and utilitarian isn’t always easy. It is now. The iSkin Solo FX is a totally swank iPhone case that will have onlookers gawking uncontrollably at what they think is an absolutely unknown phone.


Compatible with the iPhone 3G and 3Gs, the Solo FX is a two part ultra-thin compact case that feels great in your hand as well as in your pocket. The protective film that covers the front of the iPhone is a chromed out mirror that adds a super sweet aesthetic to your phone that you have definitely never seen before.


It’s touch screen friendly so you’ll have no problem accessing the controls like you normally would. Seeing through the mirror looks pretty cool on most occasions, but you will notice some extra glare. You will find a slight bit of resistance between the screen cover and your finger but it’s nothing you won’t be able to instantly adjust to.

The mirror screen collects smudges like it ain’t nobody’s business but it wipes clean just like the iPhone does. So far I’ve accumulated some scratches on the face of the mirror but nothing that takes away from the shine or polish of this radiant accessory.


The case itself has a sticky but not too sticky plastic resin that really feels nice to hold and stays firm in a pair of jeans. The weight of the case is fairly light and doesn’t add much bulk to your iPhone which is always a welcome feature among protective cases. There’s a circular pattern embedded on the backside to add some visual flair and will sort of remind you of those jelly bracelets and shoes the kids used to wear.

Through taking the case on and off of my phone several times, the elasticity held up much better than the InCase ones from a few years back. The button ports didn’t always match up exactly but no big deal.

What I did find was that some of the controls were difficult to access through the plastic case. The power button and the volume controls are covered really tight by the case and required a concerted effort to activate. Probably the biggest drawback to the case because you really have to concentrate to press these buttons, and it can get annoying.


The case isn’t at all ‘dockable’ so for those of you who swear by that scenario be warned. Other than that, this case has been a huge surprise as I had no idea how cool it would be. Tons of people commented ‘What is that’, or ‘Is that your iPhone?’, and it got a lot of positive attention.

From watching your back, to checking your grill piece at the club, the Solo FX is a must check out if not must buy iPhone accessory. While you may find it a bit pricey ($35), you really won’t want a new case after you tote this thing around for a while.


  • Absolutely pimp aesthetic

  • Easy upkeep

  • Feels great and is lightweight


  • Buttons hard to press

  • Collects grime and smudges

  • Mirror film retains scratches

(Via Gadget Review.)

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